March 01, 2009

Incessant Scribble - Anniversary The First

Exactly twelve months ago, I signed up for a blogspot account. I knew what I wanted the web address to be, but I hadn’t thought about the blog title before accessing the internet. Even though I had forgotten the sheet of paper on which I had scribbled a great part of my first post, I still flowed. The more I typed, the more confident I became, the more certain I was that I was taking the right step. I’ll save the rest of my scribbling history for Oprah.

Entering Blogville has opened my eyes. There is so much talent out there just begging to be discovered. So much. Blogging, in my opinion, gives the blogger some of the same thrill published authors get when they receive responses from people who have read their work. It’s great! Some people think there’s nothing to it, just sign up and readers will come. It’s not easy to shoot into the blogsphere with a bang and then consistently deliver afterwards. What’s easy is becoming complacent and losing the readers that peruse your pages. In the blogville race to be well read, it’s easy, too easy to lag behind.

Many thanks to Onyeka Nwelue and Eromo Egbejule for urging me to do this. I also want to thank my “blog-brothers” (remember you read it here first) - Aloofar, Jaja and Afolabi, my “blog-sister”- nigeriandramaqueen, and all the friends who have always supported this project. Thank you very much. Many thanks to my No.1- Crystal, and to my other regular commenters for keeping it real. I’m grateful.

After spending one year it’s only nice to share a few tips:

For those bloggers who put their intellectual properties for all to peruse, please, please, check out

For those who haven’t already done so, install a free blog visit tracker, it’s immensely valuable. This profile view thing just isn’t it. Check out and are many others out there).

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