September 18, 2009

9 WRITERS, 4 CITIES: THE BOOK TOUR” Announces Final Tour Stop at The Garden City Literary Festival

The 9 Writers, 4 Cities authors will make a final appearance at the 2nd Garden City Literary Festival taking place at Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt from September 23–26, 2009. Eight of the nine writers of the book tour will participate in a series of book reading and book signing sessions during the 3-day festival.

Earlier in the year, the 9 Writers embarked on a book tour across 4 Cities in Nigeria. The 6-week tour took the writers to reading and book signing events in Lagos, Ibadan, Benin and Warri.

The participating writers at the festival are Toni Kan (author of Nights of a Creaking Bed); Lindsay Barrett (journalist, poet and author of several books, including Song for Mumu), who is a contender for the 2009 NLNG Poetry Prize; Jumoke Verissimo (author of I am Memory), Tade Ipadeola (a lawyer and author of the poetry collection A Sign of Times); Joy Isi Bewaji (author of Eko Dialogue); Eghosa Imasuen (medical doctor and author of To Saint Patrick); A. Igoni Barrett (former managing editor of Farafina magazine and author of From Caves of Rotten Teeth) and Bimbo Adelakun (journalist and author of Under the Brown Rusted Roofs).

Also slated to appear at the festival are the writers Ngugi wa Thiong’o, J.P. Clark Bekeredemo, Buchi Emecheta and Sefi Atta.

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