May 14, 2015

Epic Worlds - Inkitt's May Writing Contest

Inkitt's Writing Contest for May 2015 Has Begun!
Inkitt's newest writing contest is titled "Epic Worlds: A New Adventure" and they want you to submit your best fantasy stories. Submit your ancient tales about dragons and griffins, or tell your vision of the future through a science fantasy story. Unleash your imagination and write that truly unforgettable fantasy adventure. Write an adventure that Bilbo Baggins would envy, one that enchants, and excites, astounds and has everyone on the edge of their seats. 

Submission Details:
The contest began on May 6th and will close on June 3rd. The contest is free to enter and you can submit any fantasy story of up to 15,000 words. As always, authors who turn in entries will retain all rights to their work. 

How to Win: 
Collect the most community votes to get bumped into the top 10% of entries, from there the Inkitt staff will choose the Top 3!

1st place: $100 Cash and 5 printed-and-bound copies of story with cover created by Inkitt's designer

2nd place: $50 Cash

3rd place: $30 Cash

Get in on the adventure! ENTER the competition now and prepare to enter a world of fantastic fantasy where anything is possible! 

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May 07, 2015

A Bit of Difference by Sefi Atta | Book Review

Deola Bello seems to be doing okay when we meet her. She's the Director of Internal Audits at the London office of LINK, an international charity foundation that monitors other charities and ensures that they use charity donations in the right way. At thirty-nine years old she's single and under a lot of pressure to get married. In true Nigerian fashion, her personal accomplishments are overlooked because she's unmarried. Deola travels to Nigeria on a business trip for LINK and there she meets Wale Adeniran, an attractive, equally accomplished widower. Meeting him causes her to reevaluate her life and her choices.

A Bit of Difference sat unread for the longest time because I just couldn't get past the first couple of pages every time I tried. Once I got past that I finished the book within a day. It's a really good read. There's still that love of Lagos and Sefi's picturesque descriptions that we've seen in her other novels. A Bit of Difference is not the most exciting book I've read but I really like this novel.
Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta - My Thoughts
Swallow by Sefi Atta - My Thoughts
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