August 07, 2014

A Heart to Mend by Myne Whitman | Book Review

Gladys Eborah has relocated from Enugu to Lagos so she can be closer to better job opportunities as she begins her post-NYSC job hunt. The move isn't without some anxiety due to past family drama with her aunty Isioma whom she has to stay with in Lagos. On her confusing first day in Lagos she crosses paths with Edward Bestman, a young, wealthy, businessman. Thus begins the romantic tale that is A Heart to Mend. 

Gladys comes off as a simple girl who moves to Lagos, and for whom a lot of good happens too quickly, and too easily. Yes, yes, yes... I know not everyone has to arrive Lagos and hustle for many years before succeeding, so yeah, the story still works. As I progressed, part of me wanted the author to strip something away from Gladys because things in life don't always just fall into place, and so I kept flipping pages, waiting half-expectantly for some calamity to happen. I don't like the narration and it's point of view, it could have been much better. The dialogue of the characters did not always read like a normal conversation, it's stilted at times. I'm not always able to follow professional jargon in novels because they tend to be dense but I was able to with this novel because Myne makes it easy. Edward's business dealings while important to the plot line, become a chunky diversion from what should be the main story.  I've reviewed a Nigerian love story before now, it's called In Dependence and it's by Sarah Ladipo Manyika. In Dependence is on a much higher level than A Heart to Mend in narration, plot, and pretty much everything. I can't say A Heart to Mend is a good read, and oddly I can't say it's a bad read. I recognize that there's an appreciative audience out there for A Heart to Mend that doesn't include me.

[Image via Public Book Shelf]