February 07, 2015

Love Is Power or Something Like That by A. Igoni Barrett | Book Review

Love Is Power or Something Like That is a collection of nine riveting short stories filled with many spirited characters. The collection begins with The Worst Thing That Happened followed by Dream Chasers, The Shape of a Full Circle, Something Like That, My Smelling Mouth Problem, Trophy, The Little Girl with Budding Breasts and a Bubblegum Laugh, Godspeed and Perpetua, and finally A Nairobi Story of Comings and Goings. It's a varied collection of evocative short stories, lushly detailed and well narrated by A. Igoni Barrett as though he has lived all those lives.

I love the book cover art (pictured), I love the title of the collection, I love the author photograph on the inside of the back cover, and most importantly I love these nine stories. One of them made me somewhat uncomfortable because of the subject matter but I'll let you figure out which story that is. Two of my friends took one look at the book title and immediately mistook this to be some lovey-dovey book dripping with girly romance. It's not that kind of book. I'm really, really impressed by Love Is Power or Something Like That. You should read it.
Here's my 2010 interview with A. Igoni Barrett: 13 Questions for A. Igoni Barrett

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  1. At first it looks like something filled with romantic gibberish, but its title is an eyecatcher, probably an interesting read...... lng tyme Oso, xup?

  2. Hey Philip. I'm doing fine. Yeah, you should read it.