December 19, 2015

The Caine Prize for African Writing 2015 Anthology

I discovered the African Roar anthology series last year and I reviewed the fifth edition, African Roar 2014, on this blog on December 19th, 2014. It's a series that's put together by StoryTime Publishing and edited by the amazing Ivor Hartman & Emmanuel Siguake. I loved 2014 edition and I promised to make it a goal to review every subsequent edition in the series. I kept an eye out all year, searching Amazon, frequenting the StoryTime blog and checking its Facebook page for updates so I could plan my winter break reading but I still haven't seen any mentions of African Roar 2015. I honestly hope the series hasn't been discontinued. If you have any clues or details please leave me a comment or email me:

It's still my goal to review at least one anthology series on my blog site every year. In the absence of the African Roar series, I'll review this years Caine Prize for African Writing anthology series and I will try hard to review all future editions in the month of December. I love this book cover. For some reason I thought of ankara cloth when I first saw the book cover (pictured). The school semester just ended and I need a few days to recover before I start reading all the novels I have lined up. I'll try to have my review of the Caine Prize for African Writing 2015 anthology before the end of this month. If that isn't possible then I'll post it up some time in 2016.

Have a wonderful winter break and a Happy New Year!

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  1. Yess, I agree - the book cover is awesome! And I feel you on needing to relax after a semester of hectic work. We wouldn't mind if the review for the Caine Prize for African Writing 2015 is posted in 2016, no pressure.
    *sigh*. I still have to send you an email on a project I wanted to discuss... I'm feeling so lazy to type it all out. Please don't be surprised if I email you an audio of what I intend to type up haha. Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year!

    1. Lol thank you! I'm so tired...and I've been waiting for this two weeks holiday break for so long. I'm more than halfway through the anthology because I really want the anthology reviews to be a December / end of the year thing. I'll try :). Thanks a lot for understanding :). I feel you on the laziness, no worries at all. Whenever you're ready is fine with me. Have a good Christmas break and a Happy New Year!